In the last post we discussed that Staging a home helps to get the property ready for professional photography which will attract potential buyers.  Staging is a method of highlighting the best features and assets of the home so potential buyers can visualize themselves living there.  It creates an emotional connection which generates excitement, more offers, and can potentially sell the property faster.

Here are a few more tips for Home Staging.

The yard

What is the status of the yard? Ideally a freshly manicured lawn is a huge selling point for potential buyers. Don’t have a nice yard? Factor in how much time you have to sell the home and call a friend who loves gardening.

The front entrance.

Must be welcoming, clean, with seasonal or simple decorations.


  • Declutter – Pack as many things as you can. Starting with a blank canvas is easiest and best thing you can do. Remove any personal touches, personal photos, and anything overly religious. Also, hide any daily use items in cabinets or closets.
  • Furniture – Start with a plan. What is the purpose of this room? Then empty the room and add a few pieces of furniture. Keep all spaces open and walk-able. Remember that bigger spaces sell homes. Less is more. Less stuff = more space!
  • Clean like crazy – clean like there is no tomorrow. Remember how much you cleaned when you moved out of your first apartment? You want everything to look sparkling and as new as possible paying special attention to the bathroom and kitchen areas. If you not big on cleaning like I am. I highly recommend hiring a few friends who love to clean. You can pay them with beer and pizza or hire a few college students (who will also love beer and pizza).
  • Repair any damages and fill any holes in the wall
  • Color scheme – think neutral tones and accent pillows and rugs. This gives the buyer a blank canvas to visualize the space without the other colors being too overpowering. The accent pillows and rugs also give the area a nice splash of color to keep it interesting.
  • Good lighting – Our eyes naturally gravitate to areas which are brighter. Make sure all areas have as much natural light and ambient light as possible. This means opening all the curtains and blinds and turning all the lights on to really showcase the home.

Staging a home is a lot of work, but is so worth it!  I hope you enjoyed this blog post.  If you have any questions send us a message.