The real estate market in Hawaii is constantly moving! Whether you are listing your home to be sold this fall or in the summer, you want the home to look its best to get the best price possible on the market.

What is home staging?

Its a method of decorating to entice potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the home. This method highlights the best features of the home and helps potential buyers make an emotional connection to the space which in turn generates offers and sells the property faster with a bigger profit margin.

“Home staging and professional photography aren’t necessarily exclusive for higher end properties.” On the contrary, it’s common practice at any price point to help with the sale of a home.

Here are a few tips to get your home staged and ready to sell as quickly as Possible! PS. I love HGTV and DIY projects so this blog post will reflect that.

Make a list.

Getting a home ready to be listed and ready for professional real estate photography is not an easy feat! It’s very time consuming and can be costly. The best thing to do before officially starting is to make a room by room list and setting a budget.

Start with the exterior.

The first thing that people will see is the outside of the home. You only one chance to leave a lasting impression. It doesn’t matter how wonderful the kitchen renovation looks if no one can get a foot through the front door.

  • To get things ready:
  • Power wash the house
  • Clean the windows
  • Fix any siding
  • If the paint job looks a little dull – apply a fresh coat of paint. Don’t have the paint? Stop by home depot or lowes with a sample. They prefer to match wet paint, but can also match dry paint.
  • Big address numbers

To be continued…

If you have any questions or need a quote for real estate photography in Hawaii,  send us a message!